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    You can not miss the winter weight loss method 5


       You can not miss the winter weight loss method 5

      1. Even if the weight does not require so hard on yourself.
      Although you lose weight, but there is no need to herself to look like a miserable monk, in particular, is to choose a diet to lose weight and sisters. Although diet can make you better within a few days to several kilograms of lean, but that really was not people endure suffering, but also particularly hurt the body, so the lost knowledge back to it, choose a more healthy way to lose weight, not demanding their own.

      2. Healthy weight loss, do not curb hunger.
      Suppression of hunger will only make you feel more hungry, most likely to occur next meal phenomenon of overeating, but more harm than good. Do not suppress your appetite, eat when you want to eat, but be clever with food, dinner time, if not hungry, then drink some water or eat some fruit bar, low calorie and easy to eat, feed their families is a very good choice .
      3. Lose weight, and ate the fruit.
      Fruit is the strongest inhibition of food hunger, and it is particularly suitable for non-meal time to eat. v-checker|obd2|obd ii|MVCI interface|MVCI TIS|MVCI HDS|M35080 During weight loss, remember to keep in the office a few fruits, apples, pears or other fruit you like, all right, when they feel hungry, eat one, very full belly. And fruits rich in fiber can be relax and effective detoxification function, but also beneficial to lose weight.
      4. Slimming killer - alcohol.
      Do not think that only makes you fat eating, drinking will be the. You may already know when to quit diet high in sugar and high-calorie juice drinks carbonated beverages, but not knowing how to quit diet killer - alcohol. Alcoholic beverages, although it is fat-free ingredients, but it will prevent the decomposition of body fat, drink the fat accumulation is not only easy to make into a fat, but also damage the skin, must be rehabilitated.
      5. More natural weight loss, easy weight-loss in winter.
      Simple as possible, the more natural the better, these two words are quite suitable for this thing to lose weight in winter. Days produced the clear side of a cottage tea, natural harmony of traditional Chinese medicine slimming teas, carefully selected fine natural ingredients, and then hand over thirty multi-channel process was completed, this also makes clear the intentions of tea has been quite remarkable harmonic weight loss, easy to be a model perfectly healthy body.

      Four kinds of weight loss tactics, Do not try to

         Four kinds of weight loss tactics, Do not try to
        The first big weird: weight loss body sculpting clothing to wear
        Underwear monopoly in the market can often see the floor, hang around the counter in the shaping underwear women flocked to ask, a salesman said Miss can not only warm body underwear, body sculpting underwear wearing a piece of clothing you can and want,, You can also squeeze the body of local massage, body shaping curves to achieve weight loss results.LAUNCH X-431|Bmw GT1|diagnostic tool |auto diagnostic tools|Auto Testing Tools|Transponder Key|Alarms and Security|Auto Locksmith Tools|inpa k+can|xprog-m|upa usb|volvo vida dice It is said that a lot of stars in motion wearing tights, sweat more and lose weight better too!
        Second weird: high-heeled shoes to lose weight
        Many people recommend shopping in high heels in favor stovepipe. Reason is that the women often wear high heels, very little fat legs, slender and beautiful. They wear high heels, these are usually honed by hard work, wearing high heels can not only correct posture, stay in shape, but also less excess fat legs, to prevent the regeneration of excess fat legs.

        Third weird: belly bands to wear
        This is a big beautiful way to lose weight Norika Fujiwara introduced. Norika Fujiwara says with a laugh, at first she was not wearing a belly hoop in order to lose weight but to cool the studio cold as ice in the warm. I did not expect it unknowingly to their waist and lean down, and saw that it was a diet recipe. The words came out, immediately emulated by many girls, all kinds of beautiful women belly bands swept the various stores, very interesting.

        Fourth weird: weight loss Socks
        Japan has a group of OL, as long as their research to make a warm pair of feet can promote blood circulation, to burn body fat effect, how warm feet can make it? The simplest is to wear more than a few pairs of socks, wear a pair of separated first toe socks, plus a pair of normal socks, winter day may wish to install a pair of more, then you can watch TV and sleep at home, so that can burn fat effortlessly it!

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        Detoxification coup: to help you easily schedule stool

           Detoxification coup: to help you easily schedule stool
          Method One: In the morning light when you get up drink a glass of honey water or light brine. More attention must be short and not too sweet or too salty.
          Method two: once a day to eat sweet potato instead of the other staple food. The effect of sweet potato to promote good bowel movement, a week and certainly effective.
          Method three: eat 400 grams of vegetables (cooked after 3). Can put a teaspoon of salad sesame oil, sesame oil can relax because of constipation are also promoted. It is fully integrated fiber and vegetables after the absorption of small, does not affect weight loss.
          Method four: drink 2 more cups of yogurt a day. Yogurt is good for most gastrointestinal function adjustment, because the abuse of laxatives can cure the problem of intestinal disorders. Note that adhere to more than 2 weeks, the longer the better. Must be the plain yogurt with live bacteria, do not dilute the role of yogurt drinks.
          Method five: in favor of defecation often eat food, including mushrooms, leeks, spinach, celery, radish, wild rice and so on. For the physically weak stomach who can add blood, red beans, black sesame seeds and other nutrient rich and promote detoxification of the food.
          Method six: Among the snacks, figs, dried tangerine peel, pineapple, plum, pine nuts, etc. have certain advantages for defecation.
          Method Seven: often drink red bean porridge, bean porridge, oatmeal, polenta, attention must be skin Zhudou child.
          Try these harmless ways to increase exercise, mental relaxation, you will be able to get rid of constipation troubles. At that time, your skin will be better, your mood will be better, losing weight will be more efficient.

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          Fall Food Guide: the most suitable for a woman to drink nutrition soup

             Fall Food Guide: the most suitable for a woman to drink nutrition soup

             After a long hot summer, the body large and eating less energy consumption, and thus lower the temperature gradually fall, it is necessary to tune up the body, the arrival of winter storage for a good energy. It is often due to the fast-paced life while ignoring the requirements of the daily diet, many people eat just like to meet in a simple, ignoring the nutrition a reasonable match. A bottle of water fast, a hamburger may temporarily fool us a cup of Coke's stomach, but this is often a health threat. Living at home Xiaobian specially suitable for you in the fall of collecting various types of dietary health information, so that both you and your family healthy and happy every day!
            How do women learn to beauty? In particular, how to choose some for their own nutrition, you can make your own beautiful and sustained longer.
            Sleep well, dark skin women

            Laogui Cordyceps - Cordyceps sinensis and Laogui with drinking, spleen, nerves, skin whitening effect, is a white-collar women in the four seasons of appropriate supplements.
            Delicate white skin, who does not want? But life, our skin and we are always trying to find fault, not long with a black and red face, is dull pale. How to do? Due a change of diet, can lead to skin to be greatly improved. Where your skin is not good, should be symptomatic under "food" of vetted.
            Stomach is not strong, great anger, women face Smilax Laogui Peas - detoxification, spleen and stomach, if you urine-yellow, then drink the soup bar. Smilax glabra heavier taste, so the cooking should be carried out through the season to cover, this is a good way to test cooking.
            Too busy,Renault CAN Clip|FORD VCM IDS|VCM IDS|AD 900 key programmer|benz star 2000|Toyota tester|AK500 key programmer|Fly 100 Honda|x431| too much pressure on women
            American ginseng soft-shelled turtle - compared to ginseng, American ginseng as a mild character, for more people to use nutritional supplements, and all-season, and turtle tonic effects are well known. This soup for those busy, too much pressure for women, particularly white-collar workers could qi Yin, clear fire Chufan, stomach.
            Winter drying, Hyperactivity, productive cough and women
            Cordyceps burning ducks - the main role is to lungs and kidney, bleeding phlegm, but the Chinese pay attention to duck is cool, so more suitable for summer consumption. But we know that stomach Deficiency and gastric ulcer is best not to eat, to avoid counter-productive.
            Irregular menstruation, rough skin of female
            Jujube chicken soup Ukraine - Since ancient times, is a blood red dates to share, and more Wuji Qi, Yin, especially for female friend, have a certain effect for menstrual disorders, regular consumption of beauty can do.
            Tension headache in women
            Tianma pigeon soup - Gastrodia for headache, dizziness, numbness particularly effective, and pigeon nutritious, taste the delicious, so deeply Yongnaoguodu female friends of all ages.
            Winter cough, shortness of breath women
            King spent rib soup - clear fire lungs, qi, you can always eat.
            Pay attention to knowledge soup
            Meeting before the official holiday for women and warm soup, do not make the fire caused due to excessive menstrual flow.
            The soup should have a therapeutic role to play adds to the growing week 2 - 3 times better.
            Soup Note:
            If you want to boil a pot of soup at home yourself, your family to share delicious food and happiness, Car Ornaments|Alarms and Security|AK500 key programmer|AD 900 key programmer|benz star 2000|Toyota tester|Renault CAN Clip|Fly 100 Honda|x431|Auto Diagnostic|Automotive Diagnostic|VAS 5054A|volvo vida dice|Lexia 3|Nissan consult 3|T300 key programmer|Benz Star|FORD VCM IDS|VCM IDS|MVCI TIS|D-CAN Interface|LAUNCH X-431|BMW Remote Key|Tire Pressure Monitoring System|diagnostic tool|Bmw GT1but also note the following.
            Choice of materials: selection of the best choice by Chinese people without any side effects identified ginseng, angelica, wolfberry, Astragalus yam, lily, lotus seed material.
            In addition, the physical condition of individual choice according to mild soup. Such as body strong anger, you can choose, such as mung bean, kelp, winter melon, lotus seeds, cleared fire, nourishing herbs like; body excessive cold, then they should select the reference class as soup.
            Water temperature: cold water under the meat, the meat will not immediately freezing the outer layer of protein, the protein in the outer layer can only be fully dissolved into the soup, taste the soup was delicious.
            Cutting: meat, boil first look to the left of bloody meat to ensure that the soup is boiling. Whole chicken to pot, can guarantee a good soup pot chicken meat after the fine is not rough. Also, do not prematurely salt, salt makes the meat came out very quickly with water will speed up the coagulation of proteins, the flavor of soup.
            Heat: fire not too large, heat to boiling soup extent prevail. Kai Guo, a small fire to burn slower, generally takes three hours. Because Ginseng contains a ginseng saponin, if cooked too long, it will break down and lose their nutritional value, so the best time to burn Ginseng is 40 minutes.
            Soup pot over the meat material handling: Regardless of how long the soup, meat, nutrition can not be completely dissolved in the soup, so even after eating soup the right amount of meat.

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            Detoxification weight loss, healthy weight loss and dynamic

              Detoxification weight loss, healthy weight loss and dynamic
              Toxins in the body is not 100% clear, because it will have at any time, and detoxification is not in the overnight and need from nutrition, exercise, and natural therapy, vent therapy, mutual help methods and ways to improve the environment overall departure, 10 days for a period virtuous cycle to promote the production of the body, so that no accumulation of toxins in the body, the normal cycle as soon as possible so you up, color lights up, and I feel better. The following are listed for you that the 10-day detoxification program, please join and hang on!
              Let toxins "dance" together
              Let toxins "dance" together
              The first day of detoxification, our main mission - to "wake up the poison," Movement of the body by regulation, so that the blood circulation of the normal metabolism, sweat gland development, and will not let toxins "silent" and permanently "resident "body, so toxin excretion have the opportunity to go out through different channels.
              Detox your campaign: Dynamic yoga, so that toxins are in motion
              Dynamic Yoga Yoga is different from the traditional to the static show, it is more focused on the development of human nature, enjoying the rhythm of the body from yoga to bring comfortable feeling, to promote detoxification purposes. At home can do their own dynamic yoga show for you right away: the body relax on her bed, arms flattened, feet raised and his knees close to the chest. Inhale slowly when the agent was twisting the body right side of the knees, exhale restore the original state. Then switch to another body, repeated 10 times, every day can promote bowel movements, and enhance the detoxification mechanism of effective campaign.
              Smooth intestinal peristalsis
              When the toxin accumulation in the body, the first question is clear intestine, to accelerate its creeping, to ensure that the next eight days in the detoxification process, the body to keep them open for the detoxification of the body to provide a good environment.
              Peristaltic detoxification: cellulose, enteric Cleaner
              Cellulose has a strong absorption strong, the food nutrient digestion and absorption process is not the lack of water lubrication, to achieve the cleaning and maintenance of intestinal nutrition. To this end, we might eat oats, peanut and other food with a high cellulose and cellulose are now contains natural health products is a favorite of many ol, from apples, citrus, oat fiber and herbal extracts and other fruit trees, in the gradual improvement of the gastrointestinal tract between the operational functions to ensure the bowel is usually toxins naturally nowhere to hide.
              For in vivo "oxygen injection"
              For in vivo "oxygen injection"
              All things go green for the detoxification of the body is no exception. As the body has just been clear the day before yesterday, for the first 3 days of detoxification method is best to "soft" as the main, so the body can be completely acceptable to achieve the best results.
              "Oxygenating" detoxification: breathing, vomiting Qing Chen satisfied that the new drug
              Weaken the body's detoxification ability, there is a big reason is that most people in the state shallow breathing,Renault CAN Clip|FORD VCM IDS|VCM IDS|AD 900 key programmer|benz star 2000|Toyota tester|AK500 key programmer|Fly 100 Honda|x431| and detoxification after the Spring Festival season, it is easy for the body in hypoxia, for which abdominal breathing is very important - inspiration force when the whole body, lungs and abdomen will be filled with air and muster because, at this time can not stop, to continue breathing. Interest rate over 3 seconds 4 seconds after the hold it, and then use the gas exhaled slowly for 8 seconds. Such breathing exercises every morning to get full use of the alveolar, for the body to provide adequate oxygen circulation, detoxification? Not a problem.
              Zhumian not "exhausted"
              Sleep quality is also an integral part of detoxification of the body, because in deep sleep when the various organs of the body will also be a good rest, until the dawn will be energetic, "to work."
              Zhumian detoxification: Essential Law, A Book of olfactory Zhumian Meridian
              Please do not ignore the oil light on the detoxification of the "credit", before going to sleep breathing in the essential oil molecules from the body of the "comfort." If the Chinese New Year, you either diet or the house from the time are serious "overdraft", choose this approach to good - such as rose oil, not only to promote sleep, help of the share, but also soothe the nerves, breath, improve sleep quality. You know, sleep quality, toxins in the body can be gradually reduced. Lavender clear the body meridians, circulation unimpeded, the body naturally very, very good.

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              Women love, feng shui home layout to lose weight


                Women love, feng shui home layout to lose weight

                Weight loss is the eternal theme of women, all women want to be able to lean a little, then lean a little. Weight loss methods available in the market can be described as strange is full of wonders, but you know by a simple arrangement of home feng shui can achieve weight loss results? Want to lose weight "lazy woman" who quickly over here now.
                Using color to control your appetite

                Color can influence people's behavior, which can suppress appetite blue. We have a blue and purple foods to avoid eating instinct, because these colors look like poisonous food. In this case, you can try to use the blue plates and napkins.
                You might also consider the kitchen walls painted blue, or blue light in the refrigerator to prevent the middle of the night to use the time could not help but eat.Car Ornaments|Auto Locksmith Tools|LAUNCH X-431|D-CAN Interface|inpa k+can|xprog-m|upa usb|Alarms and Security At the same time, you want to avoid red, yellow and orange in your kitchen or dining room. Because these colors can affect the nervous system to stimulate the appetite, so that we mouth to secrete saliva and gastric juice flow.

                    Let the music often accompanied by your table

                Music is the soul of nutrition, it has to regulate mood and relieve pain and release pressure on the power of magic. Music can help you adjust the emotional overeating. Rhythm of the music will affect the speed of what you eat, the faster rhythm of the music makes you eat faster.
                Experts suggest that eating slowly while listening to classical or new age music, to adjust the speed and emotional eating. Recommended music, including: Enya's "Shepherd of the month", Yanni's all music; If you think New Age music is too slow, it can try to moderate the speed of classical music, such as Vivaldi's Four Seasons and the G minor music coordination .

                Time for yourself

                When you watch TV, when placed next to an alarm clock, transferred to a half-hour or one hour after start trouble, remind you of leisure time is over. This method can also be used for Web surfing or computer games, to prevent addiction.

                Use bright lamps

                Found attractive dim light laugh chewing easier, it is recommended not to use the dimmer lights in the kitchen, the use of bright lights make you more control of their own.

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